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Air Cooler Configurations

Selection Matrix


The above matrix has been created to assist with selecting the most appropriate air cooler for each specific operation. Cells shaded in green illustrate the best solution while yellow and red shading mean good and poor, respectively.  A description of each major type of air cooler follows.


The air cooled heat exchanger's pressure vessel, the bundle transfers fluid heat by directing the pressurized fluid across the airstream. 
Bundle replacements are a popular alternative to replacing an entire air cooler unit. Replacement can avoid repiping and allows re-utilization of the drive, fan and structural components, thus decreasing your overall replacement cost. GEA Rainey Solutions can provide custom bundle replacements to meet your specifications with quick turnaround. We are capable of providing new bundles for old units manufactured by GEA Rainey Solutions as well as those built by others.  And if drawings are not available, our field service department can perform an on-site dimensional analysis to insure the new bundle is built to meet your specific requirements.


Forced Draft ACHE
The most economical and most common style air cooler GEA Rainey Solutions builds, the forced draft ACHE, uses axial fans to force air across the fin tube bundle. The fans are positioned below the bundle thus not exposing the mechanical sections to the hot exhaust airflow.
The forced draft aircooler also simplifies future plant expansion by providing direct access to bundle for replacement. Structural disassembly is not required


Induced Draft ACHE
The second most economical and most common style air cooler GEA Rainey Solutions builds is the induced draft ACHE. This design uses axial fans to pull air across the fin tube bundle. The fans are positioned above the bundle thus offering greater control of the process fluid and bundle protection due to the additional structure. Lower noise levels at grade are another benefit.
The induced draft aircooler does require some structural disassembly if bundle replacement is required.


Recirculation and "Shoe-Box" Recirculation ACHE
The recirculation and shoe-box recirculation air cooled heat exchanger is typically the most complicated style of air cooler, primarily due to the additional structure required to control ambient air conditions. By definition, a recirculation cooler is designed to reuse exhaust air to cool the process fluid once ambient air conditions lower past a predetermined temperature. This design completely encloses a forced draft style air cooler inside a structural building utilizing intake, exhaust and recirculation duct louvers to control airflow.
The most common location of recirculation and shoe-box recirculation air coolers are in cold climates with ambient temperatures below freezing or with high pour point process fluids.
The shoe-box style recirculation air cooler is a pre-assembled recirculation air cooler divided into upper and lower assemblies. This assembled air cooler greatly reduces field assembly, meaning the slightly higher purchase cost is easily offset with less field charges and the need for large lay-down areas.


GRC ShoeBox

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