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Replacement Parts

GEA Rainey can supply replacement parts for every component of an air cooled heat exchanger.  While typical replacement parts are shown below, please feel free to contact us for any need.
Key Benefits:
  • Accurate parts identification utilizing GEA Rainey Solutions’ archive database.
  • Fast delivery on standard parts.
  • Quick response in emergency situations.
  • Parts ordered to customer specifications.
  • Parts can be supplied for heat exchanger equipment manufactured by others.
  • For replacement bundles and/or structural steel orders, our field service technicians can conduct a site evaluation to verify dimensional requirements before fabrication.
  • Customized, comprehensive solutions can be recommended for unique requests (i.e. process upgrades).
  • In-house design, engineering, purchasing and manufacturing capabilities.
Replacement Bundles
Bundle replacements are a popular alternative to replacing an entire air cooler unit. Bundle replacement can utilize the existing drive, fan and structural components of an air cooled heat exchanger, thus decreasing your overall replacement cost. GEA Rainey Solutions can provide custom bundle replacements to meet your specifications with quick turnaround. We are capable of providing new bundles for old units manufactured by GEA Rainey Solutions as well as those built by others. If drawings are not available, our field service department can perform an on-site dimensional analysis to insure the new bundle is built to meet your specific requirements. New bundles are built to minimize or avoid re-piping and other time consuming field re-work.
Finned Tubes
GEA Rainey Solutions can provide bare and finned tubes to match your specifications.  We can supply L-foot, overlap-L, knurled L, embedded and extruded aluminum fin configurations.  Our finned tubes can be packaged to ship to any location around the world for installation in any air cooled heat exchanger bundle, whether originally manufactured by GEA or any other manufacturer.
Drive Components
GEA Rainey Solutions’ Parts Department provides all parts associated with drives for air-cooled heat exchangers. All parts, including electric and hydraulic motors, gear drives, couplings, sheaves / bushings, belts, vibration switches and fans are supplied to meet your exact specifications.  We can even supply complete drive replacements which include the supporting structure.
Plugs and Gaskets
We can provide plugs and gaskets in a variety sizes to meet your exact requirements, supported with material test reports (MTR’s) as needed. All plugs are of the “shoulder” type with UNF threads. GEA Rainey also supplies replacement two-piece plugs.  If you do not have a GEA Rainey Solutions plug and gasket part number or if the plugs and gaskets being replaced were supplied by others, please contact us for the necessary dimensions.
Louvers and Actuators
GEA Rainey Solutions supplies industrial grade and API louvers.  Louvers are fabricated in either aluminum or galvanized carbon steel.  Louvers are built per API unless specified otherwise.  Louver blades can be constructed in parallel or opposed configurations.  Manual louvers are supplied with a lever arm for control with an option of an extension arm to grade if required.
For automatic control, louvers are supplied with a motor mounting bracket.  We support various actuator designs, with positioners if specified, such as digital I/P with signal feedback, Analog I/P and P/P
Louvers are available with galvanized carbon steel or aluminum hail screens and/or bug screens if required.

Please ask for Bill Hale or Becky Mason for all your Field Service needs!

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